T-REX is a Chicago area based Association Management Company (AMC), linked with a diverse group of professionals known as a “kaleidoscope of talent” who provide management services to our various clients. T-REX’s focus is to deliver business solutions that assist not-for-profit clients in achieving their goals. Working with our team gives you and volunteer leaders and members access to shared services, facilities, resources and knowledge. T-REX’s kaleidoscope of talent fosters excellence and expertise and this has been T-REX’s guiding philosophy since our founding in 1993.

Our team offers added value for our clients as we provide professional services that would be difficult for them to achieve on their own. In addition, T-REX has a proven track record in driving growth and in building sustained success for our client organizations. T-REX’s unique approach to the management of all its clients leads to the ongoing strength of strong partnerships with our clients. Through true partnerships with client associations, T-REX becomes a trusted advisor on which volunteer leaders can rely. T-REX partners with our client associations to determine organizational goals and the strategic direction of the association. T-REX’s highly trained and credentialed professional staff offers unsurpassed counsel, leadership and innovation to help clients build, leverage and manage all aspects of their organizations.

The expertise and experience of T-REX’s associates allow association leadership to focus on the “strategy of growth” while T-REX manages the “business of associations.” In serving clients, T-REX can draw upon and benchmark against experience with many current and former clients to provide associations with fresh thinking for new business models. In addition, T-REX has standard operating procedures to ensure optimum results for each client and can provide cross-learning among staff association professionals and opportunities for internal networking; vendor relationships and access to knowledge of services/marketplace; and staffing in specialty areas such as government relations, credentialing, public relations and membership.

The economies of scale and efficiencies provided by T-REX are unmatched by “stand-alone” associations. Operating ratio reports from ASAE and other organizations evidence the savings association clients can achieve inside an association managment company (AMC) like T-REX. As an AMC, with its clients’ aggregate buying power, T-REX can leverage vendor relationships to obtain favorable rates. In addition, T-REX has expertise in helping clients weather market changes and offers technology to provide state of the art e-commerce and e-marketing solutions. T-REX will also eliminate disruption to association programs and services with prompt staff allocations and hiring, services which are included in our fixed fees.

Please contact us to learn how our full-service management capabilities can benefit your organization. We look forward to working with and serving your organization.